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We are more than just Great Pizza here at Midtown.

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Midtown Pizza is truly an expression of what Dallas has been craving.  Our newly expanded VEGAN food selections represent a strengthened passion for delicious and locally sourced foods that symbolizes health and sustainability.

Our unconditional love for our multicultural customers in this rapidly redeveloping location, our commitment to the community, and our dedication to bringing unique culinary expressions to our guests is what makes Midtown Pizza YOUR new favorite VEGAN .Vegetarian, Kosher, and  friendly restaurant.  Did we mention that we also have the most incredible Panini's ,calzones, Hamburgers, jalapeno Poppers, Ice Creams,  & Sorbets.


DRive thru  •  TO GO  •  DELIVERY

Drive Thru / Carry Out / Delivery

We hope you stay and dine with us, but we offer several options to fit your busy lifestyle.  Either way you choose, you picked the right place to order your next meal!

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Freshly Prepared Salads

Choose a wide variety of dinner salads that are prepared fresh for each order with Kosher certified ingredients.

Monster Yogurt
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 Vegan calzones

Hot off the Press!  Italian panini pressed, calzones, wraps & unique pastries for your dining,delivery or togo pleasure. 

Made to Order Sandwiches
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Farm to Fork Produce

We try to buy all of our vegetables from the Dallas Farmers Market every week to give you the freshest produce in town from local farms.

Order Yours Right Now...

Hot & Fresh

Daily Specials

We are always up for a good deal at Midtown.

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Now is the time to VEGAN in and get some 

Midtown Pizza.

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WE DELIVER...You choose!

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